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Hypertension SEOUL 2019

T5, 10/03/2019 - 12:00 -- dr5
Thời gian: 
Thứ sáu, Tháng 11 8, 2019 - 07:00 to Thứ bảy, Tháng 11 9, 2019 - 17:00
Địa điểm: 
South Korea

Welcome Message


Dear colleagues and scholars from abroad,

Since Korean Society of Hypertension was founded 25 years before,
it has grown continuously in various roles of society including research as well as societal activities.
Externally, we continued to interact European and international hypertension academic organizations and research networks.
In cooperation with related organizations to raise awareness of hypertension, we started the "Month of Blood Pressure Measurement" event in this May.
Under the mission of ensuring healthy life and aging, we not only actively cooperate with the government's hypertension management policy, but also activate domestic researchers' networks to achieve more international-level research results.

Domestic hypertension patients are close to 11 million people. Unless managed comprehensively at early stage,
additional risk factors such as dyslipidemia and diabetes mellitus are conglomerated resulting in a very high risk of cerebrovascular disease.
In the continuum of cardiovascular disease, hypertension is at the entry gate. Because the average life expectancy is extended so that prevention of cognitive dysfunction and dementia as well as prevention of stroke and heart attack are becoming equally important.

To address these problems, a more patient-centered and sustainable approach to the management of hypertension has become more important, as well as pharmacotherapy, such as a holistic approach that includes lifestyle therapy and the collaboration of diverse experts in various fields. For these respects, the theme of the 51st KSH Conference, Hypertension Seoul 2019, is "From Hypertension Control to Comprehensive Cardiovascular Protection", There will be the first joint symposium held by the Korean and Indonesian Societies of Hypertension and we will do more collaboration with other Asian countries.
In order to share the expertise in hypertension field with the attendees from Asian countries who have recently increased their participation, we invited leading English speaking expert as instructors and prepared a variety of high-quality education sessions.

Our society has continued to develop by the support of our members as well as the heartfelt support of the industry.
For more mutual development, we have expanded our industry sponsored session to fuel the scientific motivation for all of us for the future. I look forward to your participation in Seoul.

Thank you.

2019. 7

KSH Chairman 채성철 사인
KSH President 편욱범 사인
KSH Academic director 신진호 사인
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